Why Exclusive Doctor Only?

With the prolific rise of anti wrinkle treatments around the world, it is paramount for any reputable cosmetic establishment to ensure that patient safety and wellbeing  has and always will remain the forefront priority before, during and after any cosmetic treatment is performed.

There are all too many reported cases in the media of botched and unsafe practices relating to anti wrinkle injections performed by cosmetic injectors operating beyond the scopy of their professional boundaries (Source: Australian Doctor: “Claims nurses overstepping Botox boundaries” 27/03/2015).

Case in point, is a nurse injector ( Rosalie Piper) who had her registration suspended for 3 months after being found guilty of professional misconduct by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for administering Botox and other cosmetic injections without a valid prescription and without medical supervision (Source: SMH: “Nurse suspended for injecting Botox” 15/06/2014).

When cosmetic injectors practice outside the scope and professional guidelines of their profession, patient lives are placed at risk. Another recent and infamous case is that of Jean Huang, aged 35, who was a Practice Manager at her own Chippendale beauty clinic and who subsequently died from a cardiac arrest on September 1 after a botched dermal filler injection procedure to her breasts at her own clinic. The case sparked follow on investigations which revealed rife malpractice in the cosmetic industry in Australia that include nurse injectors being left with inadequate training and/or medical supervision to comply with legislated guidelines that protect patient safety (Source: Daily Telegraph “Cosmetic clinic health horrors: Bad meds from Asia seized in raids” (28/09/2017).

It is reassuring to know that the relevant governing authority boards are taking  these concerns seriously and are taking action to introduce tougher measures that will ensure that higher standards in patient safety relating to cosmetic procedures are established and enforced (Source: ABC News: “Cosmetic surgery crackdown: Cooling off period for patients among tough new industry guidelines” (11/05/2016).

At Smooth As Silk Laser and Cosmetic Clinic, we place patient safety as our first priority with each and every procedure performed. We welcome these new stringent industry regulations that protect patient safety and ensure that we only have experienced and highly trained Medical Practitioners who are registered with APHRA conducting all aspects of our cosmetic procedures, starting from the initial consultation and assessment, through to the procedure itself and then onto all follow up appointments and reviews.

Furthermore our clinics are owned by the same doctors who perform these procedures to ensure a continuity of care and management of the clinics. This provides patients with an extra level of security and certainty that their care is managed by the same doctor through out all stages of their treatment.