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Why Selecting An Experienced Cosmetic Doctor Can Save Your Life

The following is a transcript of a recent article posted on https://honey.nine.com.au/ An Australian woman living in Singapore has been left with horrific injuries after receiving lip filler injections. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she chose a “highly reputable aesthetician” in Singapore for the procedure. “It went horribly wrong from the first […]

NSW Government Promises Tighter Cosmetic Regulation

NSW-based Cosmetic Practitioners will soon be hit with tougher regulations, including a new offence for practicing in unlicensed facilities, plus tighter regulations around Botox injections. A new report released by the Health Department makes nine recommendations to better regulate the booming cosmetic industry, including stricter rules around ‘extreme body modifications’, including procedures from plastic surgery, […]

Don’t frown, but wrinkly foreheads linked to CVD death

SAVE YOUR LIFE WITH BOTOX Crumpled brows could be an early indicator of atherosclerosis, say researchers at an EU cardiology conference People with very wrinkly foreheads are nearly 10 times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) than those boasting smooth brows, according to a landmark study. Horizontal brow wrinkles could therefore be a […]

Why Exclusive Doctor Only?

With the prolific rise of anti wrinkle treatments around the world, it is paramount for any reputable cosmetic establishment to ensure that patient safety and wellbeing  has and always will remain the forefront priority before, during and after any cosmetic treatment is performed. There are all too many reported cases in the media of botched […]

The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has been around since the 1970s but has become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. It used to be considered a luxury product, available from only a small handful of cosmetics companies. With the rise in popularity, mineral makeup has become widely available and more affordable as just about all cosmetics […]

Laser Hair Removal

Are you sick and tired of plucking, tweezing, shaving or waxing to get rid of that unwanted hair from your body? Good news! We provide you laser hair removal utilising Candela GentleLASE PRO that is proven to keep your body hairless. Gone are the days when the laser was scary, now it’s a part and parcel […]